Anyone see this months MXA?

In the first few pages of their pitpass section or "on the main jet" as it used to be called, theres a picture of that dude on here's RM250 that got ran over a bunch of times when it came off that bike hauler rack.

That actually was a guy from TT. Big ugly war of words over that misshap. :thumbsup:

The picture made it look like ASV levers bought the bike. I wonder if that is what finally happened?

i read that asv did buy the bike for $2000 and $2000 in asv products. i wonder what his friends will be getting for christmas...

Yea I saw that bike at Anaheim 3 it was gnarly!!

i wonder if it still runs???

at least its a 2 stroke. :thumbsup:

at least its a 2 stroke. :thumbsup:

Yep, it will be cheaper to rebuild.

We can rebuild it. We can make it faster... stronger...

anyone got Six Million lying around? :thumbsup:

The levers didn't even brake, that is funny as hell!!!

Ebay that sucker!

I bid one dollar.

make that 50 cents.

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