What's the deal with pegs bending.......

.......and people having to replace them and the mounts???? Inferior metals, bad mounting connection/welds or what? I'm looking at 200lbs. with no air time at first. Been since 1992 since I owned/raced 250's and now slower/old/fat!!!! Just planning on trail riding when my new bike arrives and will have to get my mojo back somewhat. I don't see me getting much if any air on it. I've already been invited to northern Illinois to meet up with some mini-riders at a track. Thanks, Tim P.

well, i don't know what kind of bike you have. Could be a pre-built pit bike such as a pitster, stg, or thumpstar. Or if you are riding a stock bike like a crf50, ttr90, or klx110. But you are a bigger dude, bending things on a kids bike is highly expected for somebody even 50lbs lighter than you are. I have a ttr90 and I weigh over 200lbs as well and have snapped my stock peg mount at least 4 times. they hold pretty well until flat landing something. After all, this bike is made for a kid!! So i took them to a local welder and he welded the fool out of them and i havn't broken them since. I also know that the klx110 mount bends quite a bit before they break. My buddy got one and they are at a pretty sharp angle now due to jumping. For almost every bike they make a stronger peg mount. GYT-R now is finally furnishing parts for ttr50's and 90's and that includes a strong peg mount w/ pegs, and there are literal thousands for klx's and crf's.

You just have to be careful what you do but also be concscienous about it, because if you get new mounts, you could be bending the frame instead of the pegs, which is way worse. Now the sound of bent pegs doesn't sound as bad as replacing a stretched frame...

What kind of bike do you have?

Well, it's not here yet. Should be here this week if Nate ever gets the money that I mailed to him. 2006 SSR125-E. I'm hoping that the chain doesn't fly off and ruin the ignition plate or snap a shock bolt!! Sounds like Nate is taking care of it in a fine mannor.

Also sounds like I'm going to have to spend some real serious time with a bottle of red loctite and a bunch of bolts! Egad!!!

Signed, nervous Tim.

Don't be too nervous. Yes a good pre and post ride check is in order. As for the peg mounts, I think its a toss up. It took me about a month and a half before mine bent. But I also crashed hard of a steel kicker and cased the landing going over the bars and that is what did it. But on most all these bike the peg mounts are thin walled tubing they are weak from the get go.

what kind of the bike you have ,and i here there are have a more powerful pit bike---135cc , do you think so .

i've bent the footpegs on my bike also

.....well, I "paid" for my new SSR by means of a Postal Money Order and the mail to Outlaw is slow I guess, so I have not received it yet. I've just been reading all the info you guys post and saw a lot of people talking about bending the peg mounts. I've learned bunches by what you guys talk about and expecially the pre-ride inspection of everything.

Thanks for all the info up to this point. Tim.

I have a pattern to retro- fit the ssr peg mounts with 1" angle iron brace and some welding. I'll try to post it in a way that people can trace it and then fold it down the center to transfer to the angle iron. Also, note that my peg bolts were only using about 1/4 " of threads, so I bought longer grade 8's and added lock washers. The reason for the lockwashers is that I used anti-seize on the steel bolts since they were going into aluminum. I am 6' and 190 and actually bent my pegs backward from sitting and putting pressure rearward due to my long legs. Any special questions about my C-4 just p.m. because I don't always make it back to see if anyone replied to my reply.

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