Newbie Here

Hello all,

Just want to introduce myself as I am new to Thumper Talk and new to the world of motorcycles. I have been an avid sport quad rider for the last 12 years and decided to take on a new challenge. I have owned several high-performance ATV's over the years and have fallen in love with the sand dunes and trail riding.

I just recently purchased a 2005 KLX300 that I found at the local dealer as a brand new carry-over. I have always been a fan of green. The very first ATV I ever put a leg over was an old school Tecate 3, and I just recently sold a KFX700. My love for green combined with the sweet deal I got lead me to this KLX300. I ended up getting this '05 out the door for MSRP after paying 7% sales tax and adding the Pro Circuit slip-on and the Renthal Fatbars.

I have had it out for one ride, and that ride put me in the emergency room!! I went to a familiar riding spot, hit a jump that I had hit a hundred times on my quads, and learned that given the same speed, a motorcycle will fly A LOT further than a quad! :thumbsup: I have a lot to learn, and I also have a lot of bad habits to break that were aquired from riding quads for so many years. I am taking the bike out for the first ride since the accident today. Luckily, I wasn't seriously injured and the bike received nothing more than scratches.

Here is a pic of my newly aquired KLX!


Hey nice bike, and welcome to the world of two wheels. I am just getting back into the bike scene after a few years. I just bought the 2006 KLX 250S Dual Sport, and am loving it. You're bike is really close to mine, and there is a new section over on the Kawi site,


Wow, looks like a nice bike, congrats. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup::thumbsup: Welcome. Don't fly too high on the KLX. It's not an MX bike and is not made for jumping. If you do, you'll need suspension work done first and you'll need to beef up the frame - especially the headstock area and the pegs. Have fun!

Welcome! That is a nice bike! When did they start painting the frame silver? My 02 is green and my 98 is purple.


Nice looking bike! A word of advice. It pays to grease the steering head and suspension bearings straight away. I had to replace the steering head bearings at 500km. Happy trails.


Hey nice bike. Like bill p said this bike is not a motocrosser, it is meant for climbing in the mountains and stuff. not to bag on you though. go to and do some of the free mods. after that set up the suspension and every thing else to what you like HAVE SOME HAPPY RIDING.

I didn't buy this bike with any intentions of it being a motocrosser, if I would have wanted a motocrosser I would have bought the KX250F. 90% of my riding is just casual trail riding with a jump thrown in here and there for good measure. I guess if this KLX can't take the same jumps as my old 500 lbs KFX700 quad, then I may have purchased the wrong bike. Most of the free mods were completed by my dealer--I know they modded the carb slide when they rejetted it from adding the Pro Circuit slip on. I can't complain about how it runs, it will hang on an XR400 pretty dang good for giving up 100 cc to it.

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