so i got the brp back and running

well durring a race iblew 2nd out...well what i thought was 2nd after tearing it apart and inspecting it i found that the shift forks were bent...(rider error with the autoclutch :thumbsup: ) i teared it all down to the frame and replaced EVERY bearing every bushing and every seal. threw some kibble white valves in her, along with a hot cams stage 2. and threw a weisco high compression piston in her too... then i looked at my radiators and realized that they look like a fat ladys leg and got some NICE fluidine radiators. after all that i took her out and now it RIIIIIIIPS! so much top end so much mid so much everything... ugh its nice to ride her hard again :thumbsup: went out to logandale and rode with a kid in the worcs series that was FASSSST! i hung with him but it took all i had to do it. well thanks for listening to me.


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