wont idle after getting hot

on my 02 250f it will start and run fine. after about 20 minutes or so of mxing, if i let it go back to idle it will die. in the first 20 min no backfireing and it will ide just fine, after that when i let up on the throttle it backfires alot.it has never done this before. fuel screw about one turn out.it runs fine if i keep it out of the idle circuit.what i can't figure out is what is happening when the motor really gets to operating temp??

boy am i stumped

Me too. Try this for a theory. Maybe you're hot start o-ring is ripped, and you've got to really richen up your pilot circuit to get to idle cold. When it gets hot, the o-ring expands choking off the carbs air supply. :thumbsup: How's that for a weird scenario. Doesn't sound too likely to me. I'd try asking burned over in the jetting forum.

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