Good starting point to "normalize" your settings

I'm looking to normalize the setting on my crf to find a point to start over from. Anyone know a good starting point like X number of clicks out on each adjustment.

i would start with 8 klicks out on each adjuster. but if your fork feels harsh you have to revalve it (today i got a crf fork back on which i took out 5 of the 30mm shims and the rider said it is still way too harsh - now i revalved it like a 03 crf )

Just an add-on to Kawamaha's reply. You can also adjust oil heights in your forks to get a different feel- IMO, I have gone as high as 420cc's in outer tube with no problems, but I think the manual recommends no higher than 400. If you find it harsh, and can't get there with clicker adjustment, try taking some oil out of the forks (in 10cc amounts)- if this doesn't work, try the revalve approach. Make sure your sag is set correctly, and you can also experiment with different fork heights, as well. Good luck!

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