03 CRF 450 R question

Hey there,

I am new to Honda's and new to track bikes (Always owned trail bikes, KTM EXC, etc). I normally ride trails and have never raced on a track. My questions are centered around this bike that I have not purchased yet. I am going to make a decision in the next couple of days.

Has anyone had any problems with the 03's? Everything I have read said they are great with great power and reliability. Are there any modifications that need to be done? This bike is a green sticker (I'm in CA so that really matters) but does not have a spark arrestor. Where can I get one at a good price? Are there any concerns in general about this bike? It appears to be in good shape and maintained well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ride safe ya'll.

Thanks for your time and effort,

James S.

:confused: Finally got the info I was looking for through the search :bonk::thumbsup:

If there is any info that I absolutly cannot do without, please let me know.

Ride Safe. :thumbsup:

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