2001 Yz125

Would you buy a YZ125 if the cases were cracked because of tightening the oil plug too hard? PLus if it has been ridden multiple times in an alley with no oil in the tranny?

Depending on the price and year I might. No sense buying new cases for an old bike even if you get the bike for free. :thumbsup:

If you are thinking about buying it, dont waste your time, money, or effort to make it run. Each side of the case to get a new one will cost around 300.00 per side. Since it was ran with no oil you will need to rebuild the transmission and clutch wich will cost you at least 500.00. So in the end you will spend upwards of 1000 bucks to even get it running and if it was ran with no oil in it than it will most likley have other problems.

yeah dont do it

No i woudlnt buy it.

yeah no way would i buy it!

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