Swingarm bearing removal

I am sure this is a simple (ie stupid) question....but seeing as I am doing some of this unsupervised I'd rather ask than break something (history shows I have caused unnecessary damage :thumbsup: ).

Anyway, I have my swingarm apart and need to pull the bearings out....what is the best (most efficient) method to accomplish this? Every one of the buggers is stuck. Thanks in advance for help.

Punch and hammer. It's how I get them out. Simple.

I figured as much....it just seemed too simple of a solution!!!:thumbsup:


They are stuck in there pretty good. I personally did not take mine out when i have greased the swing arm. Unless they are bad, i would just use some gas or other solvent to clean them up, and get all of the grease out. Then i just take my time and make sure i do a good job of repacking them. My thought, is that if you take those out, or at least if i do, i am going to ruin them. So don't take them out if you don't have to, unless you are going to replace them. But maybe i am wrong :thumbsup: Thats just what i do.

Nope, replacing them. Everything is covered in rust and the seals are trashed. So since I have her apart I'm going to put new in. I ride all year and she's exposed to salt in the winter. I've had her for 3 years and never did any maintenance on the bearings (Didn't know what I didn't know kind of thing). So I'm going with new to be on the safe side and can then pick up the maintenance properly.

Still on the learning curve! :thumbsup:

To cause least damage, find a socket or similar thick washer that is just smaller than the bearing to be removed, use some "fine thread" threaded rod to create a "puller".

You will need to use a spacer that has a larger inside diameter than the bearing to be removed on the outside of the swing-arm. Use lots of WD-40 or equiv, in the process.

These bearings tend to be VERY tight, press-fit

This was covered about 2 day ago, try searching.

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