DRZ cam chain

I just ordered a MCCT my bike has 5000 miles on it , should I replace the cam chain? How do I tell if it has streched?

when I removed the ACCT I counted the remaining clicks on the tensioner. If you have less than 3 clicks left I would look for a replacement.

I've been away from TT for awhile so this may be a redundant question- where did you get your manual adjuster?



When you get the ACCT out is it obvious what the clicks are?

if the mcct is installed without using all of the threads for adjustment i would assume the the chain is ok, keep the old chain... this is only a guess though.

When you take the acct out it automatically goes in all the way so u cant tell how many clicks are left, 5000 miles, i would say the chain that is on there should still be good :thumbsup:

if you remove the center bolt first, you can count the remaining clicks.

Thanks guys for all the info :thumbsup:

if you remove the center bolt first, you can count the remaining clicks.

If you remove the center bolt on the new ACCT the spring will pop out...this may allow you to see how many clicks are remaining if you remove the unit carefully...I would bet that your chain is fine...

Thanks Fre, TT does has em. Can't wait for those stickers!!!!!!!!


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