Cleaning Out Tank?

i'd like to clean out my stock tank for temporary storage after converting to the Clarke/SDG seat combo (awesome). i'm wondering what the forum opinion is re: proper cleansing procedure. The objective is to not store a clump of toxic fumes in the garage....i've heard a number of grandma's old tales but will defer to the forum's collective wisdom. thx for all thoughts & suggesions. bobwombat


take the cap off and put the tank on the end of the exhaust pipe of your car, van or bike.

run it for ten minutes.




I pulled the petcock and cap, filled it w/warm water and some Simple Green sloshed it around and blew it out, with the air. I used trash bags for wrapping it.



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taffy, i did as u said. but, was i supposed to remove the tank after 10 mins? everybody's asking why i'm driving around w/a blue plastic thing hanging off the end of my tailpipe! i don't quite feel sorted out yet; so, maybe i'll try bill's idea..... bobwombat

"i don't feel quite sorted"! neh!!!!

yes but wouldn't it have been fun if it had back fired!!!



ben, got the Clarke WR to YZ conversion kit yesterday but i already knew i asked for the wrong (smaller) tank. i mailed it back today for the 3.3 gal tank which is STILL slimmer & lower up top than our WR tanks. u'll see my new set-up a week from saturday if not before.

as for Taffy, well, he's a card & a 1st class bloke to boot; all aces in my book.... if everyone gets too serious or uptight @ the forum, Taffy will straighten 'em out; right-o Taf?

good lord, i can just see some poor guy holding his tank up to the ass end of his truck right now.....


Ok, I'm lost...

Was Taffy joking or serious about the exhaust thing....?

So I guess you got the tank Bob. You forgot to mention you received it already....


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