Identifying Springs

I bought my bike used from a dealer and I haven't been able to contact the original owner, bike is a plated '03 E.

I'm about 190-200 Lbs ready to go and I find the bike is sprung quite well for my weight. The rear has 3.6" of race sag and about 1" free sag.

From what I can gather this means that I probably have aftermarket springs installed, at least in the back. I would like to find a way to see just exactly which ones I have.

Are there any markings or should I just be thankful that I can adust the suspention to fit my weight and ride with it?



There is no positive way to tell unless the spring is marked. OEM springs are not marked. My Eibach spring was gray and marked with the Eibach part number 899.0057.1 and is a 5.7 spring. I do not know about other brands. Many suspension shops can test for spring rate if you take the spring off.

My new Race Tech rear spring is marked with their part number 672760(6.0kg spring), and the number is easily legible on one of the middle coils.

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