White Rim ??

Do you have to have a plated bike (street legal) to ride the White Rim in Moab? Trying to confirm or quash a rumor...... :thumbsup:

Absolutely, positively, must have plate.

Can you tell me why? Is part of it on pavement?

All three sections of Canyonlands require plated vehicles. I have heard that they may ticket you if you trailer a non-plated bike into the park, even if you don't unload it.

So, I guess doing it with my 15 year old son (even though he has done it on mountain bike) is out of the question...... :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk:

From the Colorado DMV:

"If you are between 15 and 16 years of age, you must be enrolled or have completed a Motorcycle Operator Skills (MOST) program, and show proof of either enrollment or completion, prior to receiving your instruction permit. If you are under the age of 16, you must be under the direct supervision of either your MOST instructor or the parent or guardian who signed the DR 2460, provided the parent guardian has a motorcycle endorsement".

Note: The CO instruction permit requires a written multiple guess test that is fairly intense due to tricky wording. I assume you realize that a licensed bike requires liability insurance, which could be checked.

In other words: You can get an instruction permit, which is as good as a drivers license for adults--with the provision that an adult, with a motorcycle endorsement, rides in the vacinity of the 15 year old. It could conceivably be legal to ride the rim, so equipped.

A stick on mustasche might help.

The dog and the quad, on the other hand, uh-uh.


Also, the speed limit on White Rim trail is 15mph, which they like to enforce. So 100 miles divided by 15 mph is ~7 hours. I hope you have large tanks.

There are sections where the speed limit can be pushed. I would ride like you are going slow. Leave the moto-moves at home. If you ride it like a hare scramble course they will undoubtedly be in touch with you. Be considerate around other users. Obviously, when you see a ranger vehicle it's not the best time to dice with your buddies.

Also, the speed limit on White Rim trail is 15mph, which they like to enforce. So 100 miles divided by 15 mph is ~7 hours. I hope you have large tanks.

Yes! I can confirm this one. A buddy went blazing by a ranger, and we all got the third degree. He got a $100 ticket (no points). If you are lucky enough to spot a ranger before he spots you, do yourself a favor and SLOW DOWN! Took this picture of the 'confrontation' with a camera phone:


Another buddy got a $50 ticket for having an OHV in a national park. He didn't have current tags.

i've done it once on a mtn bike (1 day) and twice on motorcycles. i've never even seen a ranger there, but i guess i have good luck that way. both bikes were plated anyway.

at any rate, it's kind of a boring ride except for the scenery. good place to rent a klr650 or something and go for a scenic tour. if you really want to see it and you don't have a plate, swipe the wife's subaru. it's all easy wheelin' too.


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