Carburator FCR39 + DR-Z400S


Bought a new Carburator FCR39.

Please help me with the jetting# :thumbsup:

DR-Z400S 2004.

Yoush-RS3 Fully system.

3X3 Airbox mod.

what style?where did come from?elevation?

I have not yet receive the FCR-39 :thumbsup:

Delivery time is 2 weeks :bonk: I think this FCR-39 is similar with E-Model :thumbsup:

I bought it from a Germany company.

I trye to translate German by Babel fish :bonk:

We tried some, no carburetor functioned better and bring more than the "FCR39 single" carburetor, that in somewhat rigged form also on the DRZ400Y/E installed be here our information to it. Who still asks has sends to me a Mail. ABE?? Expired!! only for competition purposes. Attention, it gives various FCR39 to carburetors. KTM blocks which we sees. With Yamaha also FCR39 are installed. Those are however probably for Yamaha exclusively manufactured and thus differently equipped. An overview of all FCR39 does not give it. If someone buys one used. Not necessarily of the Yamaha. :confused:

Delivery time asks inquiries. Normally I have a sentence to always lie. Kit is assembly finished, the carburetor is with the "jet kit" of which for the DRZ400E use finds equipped. In addition all for the assembly needed parts provided

you will need a E model intake manifold and air boot as well.

160 main jet

200 main air jet

emn needle

clip 3

45 pilot jet

100 pilot air jet

2 turns fuel screw

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