Automotive Test Tracks in AZ?

Last year there was a guy on here that worked at the test track near Kingman. I lost track of him, buy am retiring soon and wanted to find out about employment there or elsewhere in the state testing vehicles. Anybody got any leads? Thanks. Steny

There is a GM test track south of Mesa.


Thanks Bill. I'd heard there was GM test track and a Ford track in AZ? After driving a fire engine for years, something smaller sounds fun. Thanks. Steny

Small world. I drove a spartan chassis, detroit deisel and an allison trans Class A built by Van Pelt for 5 years. I've also seen ads looking for a motorcycle test rider here in the Phoenix area. Check for that one.


Thanks Bill. Steny

There is an 10 mile oval test track that toyota had built recently on the west side of the valley.


If you look on Google earth or the like,it is about 17 miles due South of Wickenburg.I saw it on Google earth while checking out a ride area a few weeks back....Tom

Thanks Tom. :thumbsup:

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