Best mods?

Finally got myself a job and i'm gunna slowly start modding my bike. Start off with small stuff like the Boyesen quikshot. But what are some other good things to buy other than an $800 exhaust (buying an exhaust soon enough) or suspension. My dad said I get suspension done on my next bike.

Right now I am doing some body stuff. Baught new plastic, buying a full 180 decals graphics kit, grip tape on the frame, touched up the frame, new subframe, new tires, new brake pads, new front sprocket, and probobly gunna buy some cycra handgaurds.

What are some good things that are actually worth the money? Heard stuff about hotcams and other stuff but i've never been explained what half the stuff does. Alls they sya is "yeah its good".

Just want a little more "umph" out of it.

new top end, Pro Circuit clutch springs, Where did you get a job at, where do you ride at in N.C.

New top-end is coming probobly at the end of May or beginning of June. Why PC clutch springs? Sry, I learn sumthin new about 4 strokes everyday. Only been riding the 4 banger less than a year.

I got a job at Kawasaki/Yamaha of Hickory. I usually ride Silver Creek, CRMX, Thunder Valley, and Parker Valley on open practices. I like a little Brown Mountain too sometimes but i got no one to ride with there.

MXA said that the stock springs are too weak and your clutch will slip and if you use pro circuit springs you will get more power to the ground. Cool job, I had one since last summer at Britt Motorsports in NewBern.

oh ok. I've had my bike since August 2005 and my clutch has held out fine the whole time

Also, if anyone has anything that will fit and is selling stuff for an '05 kxf like little acceseries, anondized parts, ect...message me.

Suspension is the first investment for sure. I would rather have suspension done then porting/cam's/exhaust

hey dude i'll ride brown with ya. me and my friends just mailed in for our passes. if ya didnt hear you have to buy passes in advance this year. cant get them at the gate and leave your money anymore.

yep suspention is really the only thing the bikes needs, also a good set of asv levers are worth the money too

Suspension is the first investment for sure. I would rather have suspension done then porting/cam's/exhaust

If you dont do anything else, get the suspension done. Thats 3/4 of the battle.

Whats a round-about estimate on new suspension?....I'm looking into this but just wanted some numbers to play with..

Get the suspension sqaured away before you even consider making it faster. Odds are you are not using all the power it is making now anyway. A stock engine in great suspension is much faster (and more fun to ride) than a hot engine in crappy suspension.

Ballpark price for suspension? 350 - 800.

Big ballbark isn't it. 350 is for a re-valve if you don't have to replace the springs. It also assume that they don't find any worn parts that need replacing. You can count on adding about 200 if you need new springs front and rear. The 800 assumes a higher price for a revavle, new springs front and rear and lots of worn out parts being replaced.

It sounds like the original poster is a younger guy so it may be safe to assume the stock springs are fine. Get a revalve and service done and you will be amazed at what it does.

Be very honest with yourself and the tuner when he asks you about your riding ability. If you have a buddy that is a B or C rider and you can keep him in sight for a turn or to, you are not a B or C rider. Also MX setting are different than offroad settings so you may need to decide what is more important. Consider what area of the suspension performance is the worst for you now. Harsh on small stuff? Beats you up on accel and deccel bumbs? Bottoms with a clang? Point these things out when you get the work done.

1. Im not a "younger poster". Im pretty close to 18.

2. I am very aware that I do not use all the power. But hey, its fun to have more power to play with. :thumbsup:

3. Im 195 lbs, but i cannot afford a suspension revalve, dont really want it until my next bike when I start really racing although I would like it. I get a new bike at the end of summer towards fall anyway. I am a decent rider. I dont race but I tell people I race the D class and they call me a major sandbagger.

I actually enjoy the suspension on it right now...I would like a re-valve but i'm happy.

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