Need Boots ,Recomandations?

Hello again,

I need new boots ,i have a pair of Alpine stars Tech 6 ,but i think they are to stiff and to lumpy over the wrist.

I have been looking at the Alpine Stars Vectors and the AXO Supermoto boot.

I'm looking for a boot that is not as stiff as the Tech 6 ,anyone have any good sugestions?

EDIT: I would like to add i hav just looked at the Vectors and AXO ,not tryed them ,if they are any good tell me :thumbsup:

A boot with a hinge at the ankle will be more comfortalble and flexible. Sidi's Flexforce and the new Crossfire can be adapted to Supermoto use with sole kits.

Check out the Oxtar Supermoto boot. Sole replacement is simple Velcro soles. Movement is better then most MX boots.


Thank for the tips ,i will check out the Oxtars and Sidis :thumbsup:

I've got Sidi FlexForces and broke the lowest straps on my 4th ride (although this was in snow and temperature below 32F).

A friend of mine said that those Sidi supermoto soles will last about 2hrs of hard supermoto action, but you could esily make your own from POM (delrin, you know the same stuff they make sportsbike crash pads out of) and they'd last 25hrs but they are noisy as hell.

The boots are top quality (other than the straps), and they are ready to race out of the box

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