Slaming my boot on the peg while kicking my wr

I noticed a lot of wear on my Thor t30 sole because of hitting the peg hard while kicking my wr250.

Am i kicking the bike wrong?

Is the boot sole just too soft?

I dont see any wear on any of my friends boots.

My bike is a 2002 wr which doenst have an autodecomp or start button.

But it worries me because i have had the bike less than 2 months and there`s already a big hole in the sole of my boot.

Thanks for your help.

No your not doing anything wrong. The problem is that T-30's SUCK. I had a pair for a while and after a year they are practically un-wearable. I recomend these boots as replacement.;jsessionid=6F981AC1241A2FDB1E34A7BF49396811.webrmatv?prodFamilyId=7380&navTitle=Footwear&webCatId=3&webTypeId=27&navType=type&brandId=15

I replaced my T-30's with these and I am glad I did. The boots are great. Sizing works the same as your T-30's. i.e. if you wear size 10 T-30's get a size 10 in these boots. Get new boots as soon as possible because they will only get worse. After 10 months of wearing mine they started to interfere with riding.

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