What to flush radiator with?

I'm double-posting here and PlanetKLX so you guys who monitor both please forgive me. :thumbsup:

What do you guys use to flush your cooling system?

Again, the previous owner, not Brandon but the guy who bought the bike from Brandon and sold it to me, wasn't up to par on his maintenance and there's a bit of oxidation I need to get rid of.

I'd heard to use vinegar but would rather hear it from you all. :thumbsup:


Karl G.

use vinegar and water

use vinegar and water

After you get the corrosion out, flush it with distilled water (or just use the distilled water and vinegar)

I have a really newb question guys um where do I drain the coolant from that will drain all the fluid out?

I used the drain bolt under the water pump housing. Put it back with blue locktight.

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