TTR50 jetting

I have a ttr50 for my 6yr old. purchased gytr pipe,gytr jet kit,gytr air filter.

runs horrible on bottom and middle.kit included new needle and main jets. set to recommended specs.72.5 main clip at 5th from top.stock main is 62.5.completly removed air box for new filter.i can jet 2strokes but have little expeirence with thumpers.any help would be great thanks. :thumbsup:

how does it run?

runs horrible on bottom and middleQUOTE]

very poor response, sputtering when throttling down idle is high for aprox. 10 seconds then idle drops and dies set feul adj. at 1.25 out as recommended. tried changing in and out poor results runs stong on top thanks

richening the idle mix screw has no effect?

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