Tade '06 R for X?

I have managed to damage my left ankle and right achilles tendon and am looking to possibly trade my perfect '06 CRF 450R for an 06 450X or KTM 450XC.

My bike has less than 4hrs, was broken in carefully with 3 heat cycles, practiced on twice. I then had the valves adjusted, greased the linkage/swingarm/axles and put on new D756's. Caught my foot in a rut in the 3rd turn of my first race on the bike at Budds Creek and the bike has been parked since then...

Need a button now!

I live in Southern Md...

If interested, pls eamail me at magua93@yaoo.com or pm here.



hmm... If you were alot closer id trade straight up instantly. you willing to drive? :thumbsup:

Well, maybe... depends on the bike and the distance...

its a LONG ways away. and seeing that my bike already blue books for more and its an 05 and its already modded that i'd still be losing money. If your willing to do all of the driving, just let me know whats going on and we'll trade straight up. the jetting is just getting dialed in on this bike and its a perfect bike. im probably one of the few in the 450X forum that has less than 250 miles on the bike.

If your actually interested just talk back on here or give me a PM. :thumbsup:

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the book values...

Check your PM

mine has about 30 miles on it!! :thumbsup:

mine has 32 miles on it....

30 and 32 miles. When did you get them? An hour ago....

30 and 32 miles. When did you get them? An hour ago....

haha serious..i did that just goofing around on a 100CC or less track haha got kicked out after about an hour for my bike being to big lol

actually one week ago. I will be racking up the miles here in no time!! :thumbsup:

Mine is still not completly put back together, mine is a supermoto, and I rode it with the stock sprocket and brake and didn't like it so I am waiting for the parts to get here!

Only have 78km's on mine so far! Still snow on most of the good riding areas around here.

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