electric start

I have a 2003 WR250F and am having some problems with the electric start... I never start the bike for the first time of the day with the electric start, I kick start it. But when I DO try to use the electric start, it just like buzzes. It sounds like a cars electric start when its battery is dead. Yesterday, I charged the battery and got it back up to 12 V and ran the bike for about 5 minutes and then killed it and tried the electric start, it still buzzed at me.. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

A new battery :thumbsup:

yep, I bet the battery is toast. If you used anything other than a battery tender (.5 amp charger) you boiled the battery and it's days are numbered. I've opened those bats before and added water to finish out a weekend trip. but its' days are numbered after that.

replace the battery- you can sometimes find a replacement at an auto parts store or even walmart.

Don't go to Walmart - I'll send you the money for a new battery before I see any one go to that scabby store!!!!

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