Michelin Desert on TE510? will it fit?

Hey guys, I have a big ride coming up on my 06 510, and plan to fit Michelin Deserts for the trip. However after looking at one the other day I have my doubts as to if it will fit.

The standard Michelin is a 140/80-18 and so is the Desert, but the Desert looks mighty big compared to the Comp 3's. I have concerns about swingarm clearance.

Has anyone got on running on their bike yet?



Bumpty Bump


No Michelin, but I put a Maxxis Desert IT on my 510 -- had to lengthen the chain to get it to clear. It's a 120/100-18; the OD is 27.6 and the width is 5.3 (both inches) for comparison.

The factory installed rear tires on the 2006 450 and 510 I have were both 140/80/18. I think they were Michelin enduro comp.

I fit a sand paddle that makes that tire look like a baby.

It did take a longer chain to make it fit (two more links), and I ended up tucking the plastic mud gaurd up on on the swingarm to keep the paddles from grinding on it. And I don't have jack for adjustment left.

Well it went on tonight!!

Took a bit of expense but its going to be worth it.

Needed a new chain with 116 links, thats 2 more than OEM. Stored the OEM chain as it has only done 100miles and plan to refit it after my big ride and I go back to normal rubber.

And have set the chain adjusters in the last 1/3 of the full extension. Now have quite allot of room between the front of the swing arm yolk and the tyre.

But the rear wheel looks massive right now, ready to throw huge rocks at the Jap bikes in my dust...

Look out Australian top end here I come!! :crazy:

:crazy: So umm are ya goin for a ride or ya doin some excavating, irrigation canals???, makin monster ruts for everyone else to fall into??,,,, let's see a pic or two of the wolf with new shoes

Right then, here are the shots of the ditch digger on the back.

Michelin Desert 140/80x18, needed a new chain with 2 extra links. Have the axle set about 1/2 inch from the rear stop on the adjuster. You can just see on the 2nd photo where the Michelin Comp III had been rubbing on the roost flap, this was because I put a 15 tooth front sprocket on. Now there is heap s clearance with the longer chain.

Man this thing looks big on this bike :crazy:





thats a sweet lookin bike,,, is that a 4 gallon tank?? any cooling issues???or overheating should I say?? & if so,, what was the outside temp??,,,, Also how close do the sidewalls come to the swingarm??? it looks like plenty of clearance :crazy:

Well thanks,

The tank is the 3.5gal IMS unit, and I only got it last week, so as yet I have not been for a decent ride to test out the cooling properties.

I don't think that there will be any dramas as there is still quite a bit of room behind the tank so as not to impede the flow of air.

I also have the new radiator braces fitted, which cover a bit of the back of the radiator, so I may be an issue, but I will soon find out next weekend.

The tyre clears the sidewalls by about 3/4 of an inch, so no worries there however the tyre does come very close to the plastic chain guard, but I think it will be ok.

after you do a couple higher speed runs,,, check that bit of plastic,,, tires grow a bit from centrifugal force,, hope it all work's out well on your trip, keep us informed :crazy:

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