TE450 - I need to open up the muffler


In the manual for the bike it says that I can open up the muffler by removing the six rivets in order to get the endcap off.

How do I remove these six rivets? :thumbsup:

The reason I need to do this is because I crashed the other day and I want to fix the bents on it.

Take care,


'06 TE450


When I had to remove some I drilled them out and re-riveted when I was done

The easiest way is to drill them out using a suitable sized drill bit (one just a little bigger than the hole). Drill just far enough in to pull of the head and poke the rest out. You can replace them with new pop rivets. You can buy them in a hardware store with the tool to install them with or find sheet metal screws and use those to put it back together

Thanks a lot, I will try this tomorrow morning. :thumbsup:


He means drill a hole size just a little bigger than the little hole in the rivet stem. Not the entire rivet hole diameter. Keep this hole the same so you can rerivet, or find screws.

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