fork seals...?

my fork seals are leaking , theres oil all over the fork leg, the brakes, and the rim and tire so i guess its time to replace them...i got a couple questions..first what do i need to buy...ive seen just fork seals, and fork seals and bushings, and is it hard to put them on???

GET A NEW BIKE, That has WAY too many issues.

You will need a fork seal driver. Race Tech and others sell them. There is an oil seal and a dust seal on each fork.

i would say to fix em take em in to your dealer, to put em on yoiu need all sorts, and to protect them get fork slippers, i have ones that are made by Circuit racing and they do the trick. DeViLdRiVeR.

lol we've got a bike in our shop right now that's leaking fork oil so bad out of both forks I had to put a cup under each leg.

i would say your smoking crack. cut a piece of a two liter drink bottle and clean the dirt out from under the dust seals they will stop leaking. unless you just totally neglect your bike i.e. dont wash it after you ride it. bikes on mx tracks dont get as dirty as the ones that are road in the woods. if you ride woods get sealsavers.

if you dont know what your doing then its hard, but after you see how every thing goes it is easy to change the seals. i had to do mine a week ago.

ok ill try cleaning the dirt out

The best investement you can get to save fork seals is pro bleeders, after you ride you push them down and they bleed the excess air out of your forks, used to blow fork seals all the time, haven't blown any since putting the bleeders on. Also to clean your seals out you can use some 35mm film to go up inside your seals and clean out the dirt and sand. :thumbsup:

ok ill try cleaning the dirt out

Yeh dude u have the most recoreded problems out of ur bike(s) out of al of us, what do u do to the poor thing? time to update ya 04 i think lol

i tried cleaning the dirt, and nothing came out......and its still leaking

well u need new seals and dust seals. and i would replace the bushings just for good measures. and u dont need to buy the fork seal drives they r not necessary. i rebuilt my dads forks on his kx 250 and i put the seals in with a big flathead screw driver with a piece of cloth taped over the head....but i made sure to do it gently so i didnt tear the new seals. and yes it is really easy cuz it was my first time ever re-doing forks and i did it in a hour and a half

seals and wipers. and run 5wt oil in them. when you get them apart you can check the bushings to see if they are worn. the dark part of the bushing is the teflon, look to see if it's rubbing off. chances are unless something is wrong they shouldn't be worn down. I wouldn't replace them unless you need them because they are expensive.

does anyone know what page this is on in the service manual?

so i need bushings, fork seals, and dust seals?? right?

so i need bushings, fork seals, and dust seals?? right?

yeah and fork oil and i dont kno what page it is on. i surfed the web and found a really good site and i printed it out. it had pictures and everything. but i cant find it now.....i'll keep lookin tho

i looked on the service manual and it doesnt say "fork" seals. it says dust seal, oil seal, and guide bushes. are guide bishes the bushings, and oil seals are the fork seals?

I was thinking of doing my own fork seals but, it's more trouble than it's worth especially if your on a time limit. For what it costs get the shop to do it. They know exactly what they are doing and get it done fast. Having the tools to do it is an issue too. If you have the time yeah learn to do it yourself but otherwise get it to a shop. Kawasaki will have specific tools for this that a dealer can only have access too. I think some aftermarket companies sell some of the tools, but I don't know. Suspesion is getting like everything these days complex, and technical. At one point I think motocross bikes will go like cars and street bikes, so many technical innovations from the manufacturers you won't be able to do that much on these bikes compared to what you could do 10 years ago.

i looked on the service manual and it doesnt say "fork" seals. it says dust seal, oil seal, and guide bushes. are guide bishes the bushings, and oil seals are the fork seals?

Oil seal is the fork seal, it stops the oil from getting out the fork... :thumbsup:

i just removed the dust seals, and cleaned it all out and then packed it with grease and the leak seemed to stop as of now...

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