Muzzy Ti System on 400SM

I want to put this system on my new 06 400SM.

I understand these pipes are for the "E" model.

I've read here that the "E" pipes fit the "S" models and SM by adding a longer bolt where the rear passenger peg mounts.

From the pictures I've seen I also wonder if the exhaust outlet is going to interfere with the turn signals.

I want a Titanium pipe that doesn't cost 7 large, and the Muzzy looks like the ticket.

Anybody got one of these on a SM that hasn't had to swap out the subframe for an "E" model?



I put an E model RS3 on my SM. No problems at all, fit perfect. Had to cut the mounting bolt at the rear pegs down some threads and loosen the 2 bolts that mount the rear peg to the subframe, but the rest was a breeze. I like the way the E system looks better on my bike. Not sure about the Muzzy but the Yosh E model has no heat shield and looks super clean.

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