Cheaper oil

My bike was pretty much 100% loyal to me last season as far as the motor is concerned. At near 10 bucks a quart for that HP4M stuff and another 6 bucks for the HP Tranny oil...I'm sick of 15-20 dollar oil changes.

I was at AutoZone today, and really hate some of their stuff in that store, but they sell cases upon cases of Castrol GTX, MOBIL 1, all sorts of racing oils.

Whats the best, most affordable oil, that I can buy a case of, and have it last me a little while??

yea me to i think im just gonna go witht he cheap stuff cuz the prices are to high on that other stuff :thumbsup:

There was a big thread a few pages back about Mobil 1 oil. Dont think of it as the "cheap oil" because its really good stuff, and HP4 is just abnormally high priced. I only ran HP4 in my 04 and the Honda Tranny oil and it was just alot of money here and there every week or two. So what I did for my 06, is got a Ready Racing SS Oil Filter so no more buying paper ones for 6 bucks each. Then I switched my motor oil to Mobil-1 because I can get a case of 6 quarts for 29 bucks. Im still running the Honda Tranny oil because its really good stuff and only 4 bucks.

Go to walmart and get the supertech 10w-40 oil for the motor side($1.30 a qt), and get shell rotella for the tranny(about $2 a quart). Change it every 2-3 rides. I used to run castrol gtx but its too expensive now. I think alot of people believe you have to run a certain type of oil because it is a motorcycle, which is why they pay so much for the honda/name brand oils. Normal car oil will work fine.

As long as you change it like clock work the more reasonable priced oil is :thumbsup: Shell Rotella in both sides is fine, been working for years here. :thumbsup:

i used mobil in all my bikes,havent had any problems 2-4 stroke.

As long as you change it like clock work the more reasonable priced oil is :thumbsup: Shell Rotella in both sides is fine, been working for years here. :confused:


Shell Rotella T 15W-40 (non-synthetic) has a good reputation with many people here at TT, and I agree it seems to be a very good oil. For engine side, you might also consider either Chevron Delo 400 15W-40 or Mobil Delvac 1300 15W-40. Both are very similar to Rotella, but each has some moly content where Rotella has none. The Delvac is around 40 ppm and the Delo is around 200 ppm. You can find a good set of VOA's here. Moly content is controversial, to say the least, but I prefer to have some in the engine oil as a last-ditch protection measure. All three are available at WalMart for around $8 per gallon, so you should be able to change it after every other ride without breaking the bank.

For the transmission, the Rotella T seems to be a popular choice. WalMart also carries a Rotella 80W-90 gear oil, but I haven't checked the specs against the manual.

I did my first ride oil change this weekend... After much research and much debate I decided to roll with AMSOIL 10w-40. I have been a fan of Mobile 1 for years. I has never failed me, however each product has its uses.

I will likely stick with the HP4 in the tranny or just roll AMSOIL in both sides.

Adam :thumbsup:

I know I will get flamed but go to wal-mart and get shett rotella t synthetic for both sides.I have been using it since new with no problems no slipping clutch.Stock clutch basket lasted over 2 years along with stock clutch which I still have still in spec as a spare.15.00 for 5 quarts. :thumbsup:

I have been using the mobile 1 with the gold cap from Wally world for the engine, and rotella T for the tranny, no problems.

heard good things about rotella, im sticking with motul on both sides for now

I always use Putoline 10W-40 fully synthetic oil in both sides, never had a problem... :thumbsup:

Forget using cheap oil, not worth it... :thumbsup:

Is the Shell Rotella T heavy duty with advanced soot control that is made for diesel engines the oil the your talking about. If it is how do you know that you can run it because I was looking at the back of it and it said API CI-4 and the manuel does not say that.

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