DR-Z 125 Lowering kits?

Are there any?

Could i lower the bike my self?

How hard whould it be to lower the bike

Whould i be better off lowering a diff name brand 125?

You should have posted in the drz forum. I don't know of any lowering kits, though.

O i guess the dr z post would have been better but no iam 4ft 8in tall and i can't touch.

You can't touch at all? Not even leaning a little and putting your right foot down? Because I can't put both feet down on my bike, and I'm about 6 feet tall.

How old are you, and where do you live in FL??(I also live in FL)

BTW, you can lower the forks in the triple trees, and lower hte seat height an inch or so. Search in the DR-Z forum for more details.

just hit the preload springs with a hammer and screw driver. it will harden but it will go down

Ty for the replys yes i guess i could touch 1 foot. My last bike was a ttr 90 and its just gutless. Iam 16 i drive to work every day but i just haven't grown much. I am bound shoot up some day soon but i just don't know when.!?

I am stuck in the body God's given me. :thumbsup: but it ain't all bad some Girls like us lil guys. :thumbsup:

I might just move the triple clamps and shave the seat atad and find some heel extenders or something like that. With all of that I bet I can reach. The one place i sat on the bike was the dealer ship so I bet on dirt and such ill be fine. ty for the IDeas guys

do you have the small wheel or the large one? My wife has a ttr125, small wheel and she is only 5 foot and she touches almost flat foot, but only tippytoes on the big wheel.

goo luck with the whole lowering thing!

Hey how bout putting smaller wheels on it? with a larger rear gear? Perhaps that whould work better while keeping the springs almost stock?

Yeah if you have lots of $$$

there are several ways to lower, i just got a 05 for my 10 yr old daughter,

she was tippie toed, i went to my shop, first took and raised the fork tubes in the clamp, just before it hit the bars, you get an inch there, and you could take and loosen the spring on the shock, you get another 1.5 inchs there.

if you are handy you could take the stock dog bones on the lower shock mount and legnthen them approx 1inch, and that will lower it big time,

also these things dont even begin to run normal untill you get a size 20 pilot in them and set the air screw @ 2.5 turns out,

good luck all

what about on the mino versoin of the bike. Like not the large wheel versoin. Also you could go with a kx60/65 or a 65sx (ktm) or a rm 65 i think they are smaler though

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