YZ125 power/powerband**

On my yz125 my dad thinks my clutch needs alot of work because he said if im just start off (in first gear) with the clutch all the way out and goin slow(2-3 MPH) and you just WOT throttle it"ll just blast away even when the rpms are really really low. Is this true?I tried to tell him if you just blip the throttle its fine but hes just cruisin' really slow and WOT'n the thorttle exspecting it to blast away. Arent you suppose to keep ur rpms up and your clutch?Or is there something seriously wrong with my bike. He said its not "engaging" in gear and i know for a fact that im in gear because i am moving!, It only takes like 1 second to hit the power band and take off. So whuts up with this thing???

Yes, your supposed to keep your rpms up. The power on this bike is high in the rpm range, not at the bottom. It's really hard to tell whats going on from your description though. :thumbsup:

Your clutch is fine, 125s dont blast off like 250s, you need to WOT then feather the clutch. If your bike is powerful in the high rpms (where its supposed to be ridden) then the clutch is fine.

it doesnt go as fast as does down low than it does topend wise, I think my dad just gets confused by the powerband of a 2-stroke andi s use to a four stroke

well then nothing wrong with my bike then!yay!!

its a 2 stroke, yes you need to be in the powerban for the power to come on. It dosnt have torque like a 4 stroke. you need to fan the clutch out of corners and such.

if u dump the clutch while in the powerban, does it engage instantly when you let the clutch out, or does it kind of delay and slowly come in? When i say slowly, i mean just a second or so. The bike's power should come in instantly when letting the clutch out.(while in the powerban) i should write a disclaimer lol, make sure your holding on and over the tank when you dump it. :thumbsup:

yeah, your bike is fine. If you put around then Pin it, it's gonna take a second for the powerband to kick in... when it doens hang on. it goes like this: burrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNG

4 strokes go. braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

That would really depend on which color powerband he is using! :thumbsup:

Yeah you just gotta be a little more careful when taking out on a 2 stroke as in feather the clutch more then you will be fine from there.

while im in the powerband and i pull in the clutch and dump it, its still in the powerband, yes

also could i get a different(smaller or larger) pilot jet to help this out any??

It really depends on what the problem is. If it is a bog when you open the throttle, then yes, changing the jetting will help. However, there is always going to be that time when the engine has to build revs to get into the powerband.

well i just took out my old spark plug and it was dead black. But i just bought it and i dont know how the guy ran it so im goin to put fresh premix and and new spark plug in soon and then see what color it is.

Move your clip up one position before you mess with any jets, it might solve the problme right there. The Needle controls the whole range. Turn your air screw out 1/4 turn also.

As for colored powerbands...

I just happen to have a few with n style graphics kits, pm me. lol

sorry to ask a dumb question, but what is a colored poweband??

sell your bike now. lol

uhh whyy?

well you asked a dumb question you got a dumb answer thats for sure :thumbsup:

okay whatever

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