TTR 90 gearing

Hey my neighbor's son has a new TTR90 and we are thinking about spooning on a set of 773's or 756's and maybe bumping the rear sprocket up 2 or down one in front, he rides in sand most of the time but does see some hard pack so we are trying to put together a combination of better soft terrain tires and a little more low end snap, any recommendations? we don't want to start doing to many power mods until he gets some more seat time so we're gonna creep up on it. :thumbsup:

sounds like you got it planned out. do it. There is no harm in what you are doing, the only thing you sacrifice is of course top speed. But he doesn't even need to be going that fast in the first place, right!?

Tires will make a huge diff. Mod the exhaust baffle and open up the air box and rejet. That will help a lot. Makes the bike a lot snappier.

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