Black Plastics.

i was wondering if anyone had black plastics, if so which company did you buy them from and how strong are they, i have always been a big fan o the black plastics and i have finally saved up enough ,mobey to buy some. thanx. P.S. if you have any pics of some plz post.


my kx125 is fully black now and then, depending on my mood lol. pic in my garage is interested.

I have black plastics on my 06 KXF. I got them from a company in the UK called racespec



I will let you know how much they cots me when i get home from work later on

i really liked the look of black plastic on the 04-05 bike,havent seen an all black 06 bet it looks sick

thanx, i will start a new thread in the general forum to see which company makes vthat best black plastics. DeViLdRiVeR.

UFO makes black plastic for kx250F-06 got my kit a couple of weeks ago and waits for my monster energy kit

i just got black with green front number plate and front frender witht he black chevy graphics it looks mint (Acerbis)

hy ya man i bought some black plastics from http://rockymountin/ but make sure u go to first u will no what to do after that oh and if u want look at the botom of thier pages and they will give u a # to phon so u get a free 800 page catalouge i have one and its very handy and cheap..... good luck man

UFO makes black plastic for kx250F-06 got my kit a couple of weeks ago and waits for my monster energy kit

did u get the kit where u can mix and match the colors? thats what im going to do so i have the exact colors at the monster energy kawasaki team. but the n-style monster energy kit will fit the ufo plastics?

Why not spend your money on something that matters or better yet, send it to me!

what is the FLO- green? is it the green that the monster energy team uses? also i havent been able to find a place that sells the black rear fender? anyone that could help it would be awsome

I saw black plastics for your bike on

and they have decent prices

i got the flo green on my kx 250, i didnt know what one to get so i got that one, and it seems to be way brighter than the stock plastics, i would go with the other choice, the regular color green

UFO makes all green and all black.

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