Need some handlebar suggestions to use with my Scotts

Thinking about putting the Scotts damper off my '05 gsxr 1000 onto my rm. Not sure if I should just get the mount kit that works with the stock bars or get somethin' different while I'm at it. I'm about 5'11" and can ride standing up with the stock bars but I think something just a hair taller might be better.

Any suggestions on which bars to use with the Scotts damper? Renthal, Tag, etc.? I wish I could try some different ones out but that's not gonna happen. Just want some input before I drop a bill on the damper mounting kit.

thanks all :thumbsup:

I love the original Pro Tapers, in the Windham bend.

Doug Henry/Chad Reed pro tapers, Im your height and had an 03 RM250. These bars are awesome

You know, after a few more rides I'm not sure that 125 needs a damper. Steering feels pretty solid. I guess I'd just like some better, slightly taller bars and call it a day. Still think the above suggestions are the way to go?



The street bike damper is not valved for dirt. You shouldn't use it on dirt...

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