WANTED: ATK speedo and odometer cable

I need a XR400 odometer cable, and one of those ATK speedometer that i've heard so much about. Anyone got these things? If so PM me with details and price.


Nobody has one? Let me know if you have one, or know of somewhere to get one. I cant seem to find them on atkusa.com


The guy on ebay that makes the keyed ignition w/bracket and round 160mph speedo, bought the last couple of them they had a couple of weeks ago. I bought the first one and he had one more to sell. (with the mounting bracket for the keyed ignition)

those spedos are great better than digital anyway

I have one brand new one still in the box and a very slightly used cable.

$100 shipped to your door.

Does it have the mount?


Does it have the mount?


Yes, indeed it does, however the factory ATK mount I have for it is used. It has two additional holes in it for mounting to the triple clamp of a 1986 XR250.

Call ATK they're $45, you can probably get a cable from ebay.


Give me a call on your atk speedo if you have it at 951-306-8759 or e-mail me at g_force@verizon.net.


Brian (TT uname g_force)

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