230 Pipe Dilemma

Please read engine mods first.

XR250 carb, ported head and intake manifold, BBR Cam, 11:1 wiseco stock bore piston, BBR Pipe, rev box.

I am looking for a new pipe to replace the BBR unit. Initially the BBR unit worked ok, bit after a few years of abuse, it is showing it's age. The Jet Hot coating is comming off, and it's just getting ugly.

I am looking for a pipe that will work well on my engine...preferable better than the BBR on top end, while still looking good after a few seasons of riding (stainless steel anyone?)

I really dont care if I lose some bottom end...the bike does not have much anyway...I just want to let the engine breathe in the mid to top.


BBR D-section is made of stainless, the header turns cool colors with the heating. Has bigger header = more top end.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, I'll take your old one when you replace it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

the old BBR Pipe will most likely get used in the dirt....need a new pipe for street use.

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