Heavy rider, suspension question...

This question has been beat to death but, being a new rider (had a 80' YZ80 26 years ago), I would like some advice for for setting the suspension on my 04' KLX400sr.

I weigh 265lbs, more with my gear on obviously (no fat jokes, I'm big boned).

She carries me without any effort and I am thoroughly impressed with her power.

I do mainly trail, field, service road riding, but I do want to do some more aggressive stuff. Maybe some small jumps etc, but with the current stock setting she feels way to soft.

I have done some research on Ride Sag, Static Sag and feel pretty confident about making some adjustments, but I'm wondering if anyone else who's close to my weight could confirm or deny that these adjustment can help or do I need to start saving my pennies :thumbsup:

Should I crank everything to maximum and hope for the best?

This is a great forum. Thanks in advance for any tips and/or feedback.


I am currently dieting and working out. I have dropped 15lbs in the last 2 months. Hope to be down to around 225 by August, so please, don't tell me to lose weight.

Good job on getting in shape......it's darn hard.

First I would try and set the sag and get close. You are going to want to get different spring eventually, but if you're planning on loosing 40 more pounds, I think I'd wait.

You could respring now for the projected goal weight, and it would be better in the mean time,,,,,,,,,,,,,your choice.

Welcome to the Mad house.

Glad your loosing weight, it's about time I did.

But as I have no will power i changed the suspension to suit me, fat bloke.

You are going to have to change the rear spring as a minimum, and preferable the fronts as well.

Can't help you with the rear as I went for a custom shock, to lower it as well.

The front springs are progressive, and give a really nice ride.

The details are in "My Garage"

Neil. :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

I'm 245, but also 6'6" so it's spread out. I've just installed the heaviest Race Tech rear spring and have the springs for the forks to do next. You can check their spring calculator at their site http://www.race-tech.com/

Just playing with it would appear that the heaviest front springs are good for about 265lbs, and the rear good for 250lbs. You may not want to respring until you reach your weight loss goal anyway, so you don't change more than once.

There may be a back order problem, there was when I tried to order a month ago. TT Store couldn't get mine for "a while" as Race Tech was out of them. Luckily I found them locally.

Cannon also makes springs for the DRZ, but they said they would have to custom make for my 'S.' Everyone else told me they are the same as the 'E' springs.


Can't help you with the settings, this is new to me.

I am 230lbs with gear. The factory suspension on my 2004 E felt soft to me. I went with a Race Tech 5.7 Kg Rear Spring and Race Tech .48Kg fork springs with 7wt oil. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!! I can now zip through the whoop sections as fast as I want :confused: and even the occational air time if I get a wild hair. :thumbsup: It is a completly different feeling motorcycle. I didn't re-valve the forks, just the new springs and the 7wt oil. No nore front end wash in the corners and no mere "mushy" feel. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the support. Nice to know I'm not alone out there.

i go to the gym every day after work, after the army i went from 180 clothed and wet to 240 in my boxers.... it's depressing but getting better.

I weigh in about 240. I have a 05 E. I had my front comp. clickers wound up about 3 clicks from full hard and basically the same on the rear shock. Also add some preload to the rear spring. I have just had my complete suspension rebuilt to suit but that setup got me buy till i had the cash.....I really noticed the difference with the front clickers and the preload mainly on the rear.

You will definitely need to upgrade everything on the front and rear suspension, at your weight.

But in the meantime, forget setting your race sag by the usual measuring method. Just set the preload on the rear shock spring collar by measuring the static installed spring length, and adjusting it to is minimum length spec of 9.74 inches.

Why, you ask?

Because you are too heavy to properly set up your race sag with the stock spring, but by setting the preload spring at 9.74 inches, you will be getting as close as you can possibly get to the ideal amount of race sag, without going outside of the springs design spec for minimum installed static length.

If you don't do it this way, you run the risk of compressing the spring past the minimum 9.74 inches, and making your bike handle even worse than if you had too much sag in the rear.


Back the blue high-speed compression damping adjuster nut on the rear shock, all the way out.

Set all the clickers about 4 clicks stiffer than the stock settings in your manual.


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