Rear Brake- weak

#1. I've read all the threads

#2. Break and lines have been off bike and bled three times.

Need some ideas---

2001 E

Recent sintered pads

Rear brakes not providing much stop. Cannot lock up.

Removed caliper, line, reservoir, pedal.

Bled vertically making sure all bubbles gone.

Let set for 24hrs, checked again for bubbles.

Everything solid. Caliper clamping fine off bike.

Put back on bike. Cannot lock rear wheel. Front is very grippy.

Any chance the caliper/piston needs re-build?

Possible contamination of disk with WD-40?

Any ideas appreciated!

PS: DJ Kit really smoothed this motor out. Ran GREATT!!!!!!

Bob P

#1 You should switch to a stainless line.

#2 Check your reservoir and check for the dreaded "bulging".

#3 Get a CRF rear master cylinder. Bolt on mod, vastly improved rear pedal pressure.

You may have some WD40 did it get there?

Aspencop any idea on which CRF master fits? I probably should do a search.

yes, I have some bulging. But not fluid leak.

Will this do it?

WD-40 not directly sprayed on, but anything is possible when you are cleaning!

brakes are for wimps... just kiddin.... slide bolts greased???

Try rubbing you brake pads on sandpaper. Maybe they have something on them?(WD-40) :thumbsup:

The rear master cylinder from a CRF450 is bolt on. I think, but am not positive that the cylinder from the smaller CRF's is the same. Look on EBAY, lots of Quad racers will buy a new 450 and only use the engine.....parting out everything else. Due to the smaller piston size in the Honda cylinder, the pressure is higher and it just works better. Also, the plastic reservoir on the DRZ is prone to bulging and then causes problems like the softer pedal. The CRF has an internal reservoir and eliminates this issue.

Clean the rotor with brake cleaner to eliminate any oil residue, and scuff the pads with some fine sandpaper (lightly). Or, pads are fairly cheap, if they are contaminated, replace them. :thumbsup:

Thanks aspen, off to look for a rear master as we speak.

Does it matter what year model CRF?

Also, is this switch difficult to do? :thumbsup:

No, it doesn't matter what year, and it is bolt on! :thumbsup:

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