yesterday when i was getting ready to quit riding i tryed one more climb on a hill. When i didn't quite make it i got my bike to the bottom of the hill and went to start it. It felt soft when i was kick starting it, almost like i lost compression.

I did get it to start and rode it back to the vehicles and i didn't notice any difference when riding it.

any ideas?

wr 250f

maybe someone would like to help me?

What year is your WR? Does it feel like the compression has returned when you kick it now?

don't know have only started it once since and it felt like it was getting soft but still ran alright.

03 wr250f

Maybe it's all in your head? Check your valve clearances. We need more to work on if you want us to 'help you'.

Valve clearances is most likely your issue. I have done many YZ250F top ends and they all look great. If you have never checked valves, I would go there first.

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