Bike want start

I had ridden about 60 miles and stoped at a resturant for dinner, when i came out and tried to start the bike, i could not get the kick starter to move, i put the bike in gear and pushed it a couple of feet to get the motor to turn over, then i kicked, but had no compression. I had the top end rebuilt 250 miles ago. It had ben running great up until this. another thing i did notice a little tick today while i was riding, but it was not bad, and i wasnt sure if i was just hearing things. Any ideas about what might have gone wrong???



forgot to mention it is a 1985 xl600

That's happened to me twice (one an xl the other an xr) and both times it was the valve seat falling out of it's socket. The first time was 100 miles after a rebuild. I'm sure that there is someplace that can make it hold in place but usually they tell you that your head is too fatigued to make it hold.

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