Chain tensioner and guide and chain damper

On a 95 Xr600 top end rebuild, how do you tell if the chain guide, chain tensioner or chain damper need to be replaced? My chain jumped time which was really streched. I want to make sure when replacing the chain that I replace the other items if needed. They look good, but are there any thickness measurments you can take to see if the guide or tensioner are worn. The damper only moves in one direction and I know that is the way it works, but are there any other things to look for in the damper? Also where is the best place to buy a stage 1 cam?

Thanks for your help.

The cam chain tensioner on the XR600R/XR650L is only supposed to move in one direction. It has a sprage (or one way) clutch that prevents it from moving backwards and letting the chain have any slack at all.

To test it, see if you can get a screw driver down there and move the cam chain tensioner back. It should not move back at all. If it moves bac then you need to replace it.

It is not uncommon for the cam chain tensioner to go out. My 1995 650L has gone through two

If the spring tensioner is good and your chain is worn enough to jump time, I would replace all three of the components. Chain, guide and guide/tensioner.

If in doubt, replace the tensioner. My tensioner appeared to be fine. On static tests, it worked fine. Not so witht he engine running. My cam chain used to make all kinds of noise flapping aroung. The new tensioner fixed that.

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