04 YZ 450 Kickstarter Questions

I am a proud new owner a very clean 04 yz450f. On occasion I stall it in first gear while trying to get it moving. When this happens it makes a horrible clunk sound and I look down and expect to see oil seeping out of some new hole that has just been created in my motor. When this happens the bike is very easy to kick over for about 5-10 kicks, almost like it has no compression. Then it will regain compression or the kick starter becomes harder to kick again, then it fires up and runs just as before. I don't know if this has to do with the automatic decompression feature on this bike? I have rode two strokes for the last 10 years and am not familiar with this new 4-stroke technology yet, I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced a similar problem.

Thanks, :thumbsup:

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