Help: Looking For A BLUE Moose

Trying to locate a new blue Moose rear fender tool pack but no luck. Dennis Kirk has dicontinued that item. Anyone know if a blue Moose bag exsists anymore? Thanks.

In 2006 Moose went to all black fender packs. Front, rear and dual sport fender packs are now all black only! :thumbsup: Must be a cost sensitive time for moose racing. :thumbsup: I liked the old blue ones and still have one. :confused:

Have you looked at these (yes they only come in black also)?

I had the Moose pack on my 426 and liked it but on my 450 with it's fender being higher I was looking for something with a bit lower profile. I actually just got the KDX model and haven't ridden with it yet but am impressed with the quality and like the flexability of having straps if you need them.

check out wrights in Utah. Im not 100% sure of their website, but they have a huge inventory and it wouldnt surprise me if they had an older one in stock

thanks for the info, I did find a blue moose rear fender pack after searching on google. A place in AZ still has blue ones.

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