Calling all WR engine people

Seeing as my usual forum is experiencing 'technical difficulties' I will ask the collective inteligence of this, fine forum.

While letting my engine warm up for an oil change, I noticed a small leak, bubbling from this hole:


There seems to be no mention of this hole in the workshop manual. So what's going on??

water pump seal is gone......................maybe

Thank you!! That's what I was thinking.

Looks like an easy job. Right or wrong :thumbsup:

Don't know, I have never done it.

Don't know, I have never done it.

Fair enough I'll let you know then.

After I have done it :thumbsup:

Very Easy!

Do a search ans type in Water Pump Seal.

Several will come up. There is one with photos and parts#'s to order.

Water pump seal for sure. Easy job, recommend you replace the shaft and bearing while you're in there. The factory manual tells it very well.

I agree water pump seal that hols is the weep hole you can ride the bike for a little while with it leaking but you should replace it. From what i understand it is pretty simple to replace. :thumbsup:

oh thats the...wait...i dont know

Thats exactly what she is, the water pump seal. Pretty easy fix and you will probably end up replacing the shaft as it is hard to get the impellar nut off without breaking the drive end of the shaft. I know this first hand..

That bike of yours needs a wash before you work on it :thumbsup:

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