drz e head or s/sm head gasket

Hey all i'm just curious as i've just found out that the drz e has the same part number as the s/sm.. BUT the drz e head has a different from the drz s/sm.. For all those that has done the drz e gasket change did you guys find any difference before fitting it in?

thank you so very much

ghost outzz.... :thumbsup:

the heads gaskets are the same.the heads have a different number becuase the S/SM heads are not machined for the manual decompression.they are indentical otherwise.

Thank burned for replying Just another question.. including the exhaust port? then what do people do to achieve 12.2 compression..?

put in the e base gasket and you'll have 12.2 to 1 comp

compression has nothing to do with the ports.

I just pulled a layer out of each, repainted them with spray paint and you have your higher compression. It works perfect, no problems.

Thank you very much for all your responses.....!!!

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