Kids shin/knee guard question?

My 7 year old has a pair of Fly shin/knee pads. He now also has a pair of Fox boots. We do not have any riding pants for him yet. Can someone explain to me just how the shin guard is supposed to fit down inside the boot, or is it supposed to go outside? Are these meant to be used with hiking boots only or what? We've tried them down inside (left marks on his legs) and on the outside (knee pad just kinda flops around since there's nothing to hold it in place) and they won't really fit under his jeans with his boots on. Is there a solution? :thumbsup: TIA for your help.

put ur pants over your shin guards and then open your boot really wide and put them on. the knee guards go under the pants

Always under the pants, unless you want your kid to look like a dork. Its all about riding shorts w/ both my boys. Easy to get dressed and less bulky!

I wear mine inside my pants and pull my riding socks over them. I don't even feel them when riding. :thumbsup:

My step son 7, and all the family for that matter, wear the knee/shin guards under our socks and then put the pants on, with the boots over all them. He has never complained about the boots or shin guards.

Here is a pic (it was enlarged to 200% so sorry for the quality), this is my 7 year old step son on a 50 with riding socks, fox knee/shin guards, oneil pants and fox boots. I just make the top of the boot fit snug, but not too tight, he lets me know if the boot is too tight or not.


The pads should be under the pants and inside the boots. Did you adjust the boot straps (loosen) with the knee gaurds on? I've got 2 kids both wearing knee gaurds and never had a problem.

Yeah, we did them under the pants and inside the boots once like I suspected they should go, but a) the boot would barely close all the way, even with the boot straps loosened and :thumbsup: the pads left kind of a nasty, but painless blood blister/rash looking kind of thing on his leg. It's almost like the shin pad part needs to be just foam material since his leg is protected pretty well by the plastic on the boot, dontcha think? Maybe a little modification is in order? Just got the dang boots... :thumbsup:

my daughters put hers under the pants

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