Dropped 01' yzf 426 in water crossing, locked kickstarter...

Sunday I dropped my 01' 426 yzf in a deep water crossing behind silverwood. :cry: Put it this way, the entire bike including the handlebars were underwater. :bonk: It was that deep. Anyway, I drained the oil, took the spark plug out and opened up the clutch cover as well as the magneto side. I seperated the clutch plates and cleaned them with some oil. :thumbsup:

I am able to turn the bike over using the bolt (flywheel) on the left side that you use to get it to top dead center. I belelieve I pumped most of the water out this way :thumbsup: but I cannot even move the kickstarter. It is completely locked up. :bonk:

I have never sank a bike before. Many times a jet ski 2 stroke and boats, but never a bike, let alone a 4 stroke. What should I do to get all the water out? :confused: I am planning on taking all cables off and spraying them out with lubricant, as well as the carb.

For the kickstarter, any suggestions on where to start with that thing? :bonk:

Am I effed? :bonk:

Do you still have the compression release on the bike? If so, will the bike turnover with it pulled in? If not, you pull the plug out and kick the bike over like 10 times to get the majority of the water out. If you don't have all the water out of the cylinder, your hitting a hydraulic lock because water won't compress like air and it will bend your connecting rod if you try to hard to kick it with out somewhere for the water to go. I've done this before and it chaps your butt, however the bike shouldn't have suffered any serious damage unless you tried to start the bike without letting all the water out of the cylinder first.

ouch...sorry man. You may want to drain your gas as well if you haven't done so already just in case you got a large amount of water in there.

Do you still have the compression release on the bike? If so, will the bike turnover with it pulled in?

I was gonna ask that as well...

Thanks for some replies. I would appreciate it if someone knew someone with an experience like mine to reply.

If I can turn the bike over using the flywheel and the plugs out... I know everything is moving alright... right? The compression release won;t do a damn thing if there is no plug in the bike. My main problem is the kickstarter. I can't figure out why the think won't even move. Especially since I kicked it over 30 seconds before I fell. I know I got water in the thing but the kickstarter itslef is different, it should release.

Any mechanics out there?

By the way, my plan was to take the thing apart this summer and replace the gears anyway. Under heavy load 4th and 5th are jumpin in and out. That 10 paddle at glamis is what did it I think. Stick with the 8 paddle.

I took the clutch out and everything is fine with the kickstarter. It is just hard to turn the bike over with all the water in it. I am not too good with the four strokes so if this is a dumb question let me know. Is the bottom of the crank in oil like a car, or it like a 2 stroke and dry. I thought it would be wet since you run regular gas, but hell I don't even know how to ride let alone work on the damn thing. It feels real tight when turning the thing over.

[ :thumbsup: B]If I drain the oil, will I drain all water below the piston?[/b]

It's a dry sump motor meaning there is no "bath" of oil at the bottom but it is pumped in and there is a menial amount in the bottom of the crankcase with the bike running. The way the kickstarter works is there is a gear on inside portion of the kickstarter that turns the the primary drive gear which is mounted on the behind the clutch basket. That is geared to the crankshaft.

You should have drained all the oil out of the motor as well as the frame which acts as the sump tank. If you haven't done that yet, then you won't get the bike to start if it's full much less move because of the crankcase pressure having nowhere to go since it's full of water. In your first post you said you drained the oil but now it sounds like you don't know if you did, so make sure the oil is out of the bike and then see if it will turn over. How long was the bike under water for?

It sounds like you don't have much experience working on bikes so you really shouldn't attempt to change gears out since you have to split the cases to do that and involves tearing the motor down to nothing and unless you know what your doing, you'll never get the tranny back together correctly.

Thanks for some replies. I would appreciate it if someone knew someone with an experience like mine to reply.

I don't know why your kickstart lever won't work without taking it apart.

But, I sunk an XR400 last year in a very deep water crossing and it completely submerged the bike. It hydro locked and we couldn't kick it over. We opend the air filter and dirty water came pouring out. When we drained the oil it was filled with muddy water. The fine grit of the mud was enough to tell us that no amount of flushing would clean the bearings out and it cost me 50% for a new/used engine.

Good luck.

I have alot of experience with 2 strokes... If it was one it would be done and running by now. It's just a 4 stroke is alot more detailed. I really don't know what goes where.

The oil is all drained, my problem is that it feel like when the piston goes down it has pressure and being held back by water. How do I get that water out...

hi i drowned my 02426 two weeks ago :thumbsup: i drained the oil 4 times with cheep oil :lame: started bike up between changes left ideling.had fan faceing rads. header full ove water emptied :eek: drained carb.took out air cleaner. put new spark plug in.bike is now running SWEET :bonk: GOOD LUCK :p

Sounds like you are still hydraulic locking, pull off the exhaust in case it has any water in it that could be running back in the cylinder. If you have already drained the oil it is probably not why it will not kick but may need changed a few times once you get it running. Also definately pull off the carb and drain all the fuel from the tank. If the bike was running when you dunked it should be ok, being a single cylinder engine it most likely died right away and probably did not cause any top end damage even when the water was pulled in.

I sank my 2004 RM250 (two stoke) which may be a different case but the crankshaft bearing siezed, i had to replace the crankshaft and bearing if i remember clearly.

The same techniques used on a submerged 2-stroke apply to a 4-stroke. With your spark plug pulled, and oil drained, there should be nothing holding the bike from turning over. That is, unless you've got a bent con-rod, which is very possible if the bike was running when it got sunk. For your sake, I hope not, but it's not unlikely.

:thumbsup: Man that sucks hope you can fix it i try to stay away from big water crossing my friends think i might be a wuss but every once and a while you her about guys dumping their bikes over.good luck hope youl be back up on two wheels again.

You have said that you can turn the engine over with a wrench on the crank. If you can turn the engine through a complete revolution by spinning the crank with a wrench, or by putting the bike in gear and pushing it with the plug out or the compression release held, the engine is not locked. If in that condition the kick starter will still not move, you have an unrelated starter problem. You'll have to pull the right side cover and check it out.

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