uncorked my 2006

Pretty easy once you figure out what hoses to get rid of. Routed trans. case vent to airbox. Got rid of all small hoses connected to the carb except the drain on the bottom and the one vent on the right side that runs to the Y. Smog equipment was removed and replaced with IMS plates. Fuel screw is 2 turns out and needle was shimmed with a 0.025 washer. It runs like a champ, idle is perfect, much more go. Warm up is far easier. Only problems were getting the carb back into the rubber boots (difficult) and almost stripping one of the smog plate screws. The inboard right side screw was a bear. Now I like this thing a lot.

Always interested in what guys think when going from a true dirt bike to the XRL, especially a 2-smoke. Definitely takes some getting used to. I end up using the clutch a lot more on these big bore Thumpers.

If it runs well now, no need to make any more adjustments, unless you've got more mods planned. What am I saying? :confused: To coin someone else's saying, there's always one more mod. :thumbsup:

Good luck & keep the rubber side down. :thumbsup:

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