Scotts Stabilizer

I have an '06 450 with an IMS oversize tank and also have a scotts stabilizer from a previous bike. I would like to use the stabilizer on the 450. Scotts offers a mount kit for the '06 but I was curious if anyone had used one yet with the IMS Oversize tank. Apparently the scotts mount picks up the front tank mount point but the IMS overhangs this mount a bit and I am concerned about the two interfering.

Anyone running this setup yet??? Comments???? :thumbsup:

Man, noone is running this setup yet???

I am, works great I was thinking of useing a stud for the tank mount but it isn't an issue as the tank mount stays with the frame on dissassembly. Plenty of room up front.

KTM Karl,

can you post pics of you IMS tank and Scotts stabilizer setup?


I won't be able to for a while. I'll be away from the camera for a few days. I use the Scotts SUB frame mount with a custom mount to the triple clamp (stock clamp/tall risers). If you search back another fella had posted some great pics of the IMS tank fit, look closely and you'll see the two bolts that bolt the tank frame mount to the tank, that mounts detaches from the tank if you need to remove the tank once the scotts mount and the tank mount are installed you shouldn't have to remove them again, ie; they'll just stay on the frame for maintenance. really is a slick set-up.

Thanks..I'll do a search.

It's a non-issue. It will mount up fine. Dry break or screw cap doesn't matter.

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