Scotts SUB mount on '06 triple clamp

I need 10-15 mm bar risers and thought it would be best to do it with a Scotts under bar (SUB) mount, which would bolt on direct to the stock upper triple clamp. Does anyone know if Scotts or BRP already make the mount?

This mount rises the bars and allows the use of bar pad since the stabilizer is mounted under the bar like this


I know there are full kits with a new triple clamp as pictured, but there is really no need to buy the TTC now that Yamaha has removable bar clamps. I can not find the correct information from Scotts or BRP pages. Experiences?

It raises the height almost 1 inch. too tall for me i am selling it. Mine came with their clamp and smaller tower.

Well just got the parts number from Mike at BRP, I'm going to buy it, an inch should not be too much of a raise for me using the stock low bar. Are you selling it all, stabilizer, tower and TTC too, or just the sub mount?

Are the cables(throttle/front brake/clutch) long enough?

The cables should be long enough. I have earlier used a 15 mm riser-adapter on my old bike. With the BRP SUBmount clamp you can use the low OE handlebar too, so if the mount raises the bars some 1 inch it should not be too much.

Anyways, I have placed the order at TT Store and will revert with a pic of the setup when I get it.

BRP has the SUB mount kits for the OEM triple clamp in stock and if you would like to order that kit the part number is DS-SUB-7330-10, excellent service from Mike at BRP.

Installed the submount with scotts yesterday. It raises the stock bar some 35 mm. You can not put a higher bar than the stock one without throttle cable problems, but this should raise the bars more than enough for most of us.



I gave also been debating whether to put the SUB mount on with the stock bar or get a 10mm higher bar bend and use the above mount????? SureBlue, is 35mm to much of an increase? I have always like taller bars but 35mm seems like it might be too much.

Ditchound, I double checked: it raises the bars 35 mm. I'm 184 cm tall and rode the bike first time with this mount on thursday and again yesterday. It really feels good and helps you standing less cramped. I like it and can recommend it.

contact Mike at BRP

or buy it from TT Store like I did. :ride:

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