Best mod

What is the best modification you did to your bike?

If you search there are TONS of topics like this for 426-450's. :thumbsup:

enzo susp and flexx bars w/oversize pegs was the best for me so far

Rekluse auto clutch.

I'm thinking about getting my suspension done. I wanted to see how many people would say suspension over something else.

Suspension. Worth every penny. Rekluse is a close second, but to really appreciate what the autoclutch can do for you, gotta have the suspension setup correctly.



Far and away the best mod I ever did to any bike.

I will say......this new '06 YZ450F is way better stock than any aftermarket suspended bike I have ever ridden. It just blows me away.

Suspension, then a very very close second is the Rekluse. Sometimes, very rarely I could go without the Rekluse. I have never found a situation where I am not totally happy I did the suspension. :thumbsup:

For the 426... 450 cam mod hands down. For the 06... this bike don't need no stinkin' mods.

my stickers, they make me soooo much faster :thumbsup:

Stickers. I ment best mod AFTER the stickers.


Saved at least a couple dozen levers on my old bike and several perches and maybe even a master cylinder and at least 10 sets of grips. I think they are a MUST for any bike I ever own. Thinking about getting my forks re done and from what everyone else is saying I think I will. Rekluse's are too expensive though

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