Value of 88' 600R?

Hello all, my name is Erik and I've been lurking for some time now. I'm just getting back into dirt riding and have a 5 y/o son who's all about getting a 50.Next year will be the time for a new bike but I'd like something to hold me over and hand down to my wife. I'm looking at a 600R that the guy says is "super clean", I've yet to see it. I did, however, see pics and it looks pretty good. It has a desert tank and a super-trapp. NADA says it's not worth much, so I really can't go by that. They're suggested retail is so low it's not even close.If it is in fact "super clean" any issues with the year?I did a search and got a little info but a concise answer would be appreciated.

Thanks for the great board! E.

Honestly, I wouldn't pay alot for one. I picked up an 89 last year that needed carb work for $750. I can't imagine the one you're looking at being worth more than $1300. You can find mid-90's for $1500 pretty easily.

Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. I'll look at it and see how the guy is. He wants $1850 which is WAY high but who knows. Maybe he'll deal, if not he can keep it. Thanks alot.


For what it's worth, I bought my 97 for $2000 in Uganda where bikes are slightly more expensive than in the states. Is/was in very good condition, the only thing that was not perfect, was the sticker kit that's missing, but that kinda thing never bothered me anyway.

I'd say you're better off looking for a bike thats about ten years younger.

My 02 cents

$1,000.00 matter how perfect. The add-ons are nice to have but fortunatly/unfortunatly(for him) it don't increase the value like you would think it would...Its still a 18 year old mater how you look at it.

my $.02 worth

Yea, $1850 is real high.

For additional ammo.....I got my '02 XR650R with Clark tank, Pro-tapers, XR's only exhaust, choke kit, case saver, aluminum skids, etc. for $2500.

Unless your wife happens to be a 'big girl', I'd find something smaller to hand down...say an XR200 or 250.

hi all new here just got a 1987 xr 600 giving to me has 177 original miles on it has been sitting outside in same spot for 15 yrs somebody had mowed the grass around it for 15 yrs i saw it from kitchen window asked who's it was lady says its husbands why u want it. YEP! still has nipples on orignal tires just dont touch them they turn to dust. anyways took carbs off figuring that it would be covered in that stuff thats left when gas evaporates but this guy shut petcock and ran carbs dry.i changed oil added gas checked spark plug 4th full kick it started but backfires alot especialy on decealeration then when rpm is low it snezzes and poofs out left side carb and dies also if at night within seconds both pipes turn fire orange for a good11 inches was wondering if anybody been there done that with this type of problem?


Sounds like it's way too lean. They came pretty lean from the factory. Perhaps something is clogged in those carbs. At a minimum take them off and clean them. Spray carb cleaner through every jet and make sure it comes out where it's supposed to.

Check for intake leaks. Start the bike and spray carb cleaner around the carb to engine rubber boots. If it speeds up, you have a leak. Since it backfires a lot, keep a fire extinguisher close by.

Toss those ancient tires.

Sounds like an excellent find.

I got my '95 for $1500 in NM a couple of months ago. Everything is in great shape and runs perfect. Came with new sprockets, chain, he even gave me the old ones, and two new IRC Dot tires to go with the still very good off road tires. I think I got a good deal on it, he was asking $1750.

see it here:

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